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Custom LED Design

By MCD Electronics - May 19, 2017

Where can you find all of the products to create your custom LED design? You’re going to find everything at MCD Electronics, including a great selection of LEDs for all of your lighting purposes: standard, super bright and ultra bright LEDs in all standard and not so standard packaging.
For hard-to-locate products, it’s good to know that MCD Electronics supplies many obsolete and discontinued packages or can easily suggest alternatives to work in your applications. MCD Electronics offers hermetically sealed metal TO-46 encapsulated LEDs, both in the visible and non-visible range. From the most intricate custom LED design to the simplest one, MCD has everything you need to work with.
If you’re searching for a place to find custom LED design services, MCD Electronics will help make your designs a reality, with custom and standard color combination PCBs and arrays. Whether you’re searching for custom LED panels, ultra bright LEDS, strip lights, tube lighting, PCB and cluster LEDS or something else altogether, MCD Electronics has what you need.
MCD offers solutions to all of your electronic questions, whether the application requires a basic LED indicator to indicate the on/off state of equipment or an infrared emitter/sensor pair to identify and count product on a production line. Their mission is to supply the means for machinery and equipment to communicate with the user through optoelectronics. If you’re thinking about building a custom LED design, MCD will have all the products you’re looking for.
Shop where electronics customers find total satisfaction. MCD Electronics, Inc. can offer optoelectronics solutions as basic or complex as the opportunity requires. Please give them the opportunity to help you find innovative solutions with light by visiting their Web site at You can also call one of their specialists at 800-949-4623 if you need to speak with someone about your custom LED design.
If you’re looking for an online store that sells custom LED design products, there’s not a better place to shop than MCD Electronics. They understand that even the most sophisticated equipment needs a way to communicate with the user. They can illuminate your ideas and designs through innovative solutions with light. If you need high power 1 watt, 3 watt and 5 watt LEDs, MCD Electronics can supply them for all of your needs, both mounted on a heat sink or even just the LED, ready for your own custom LED design. 
There’s much more to MCD Electronics than just custom LED panels and LED lights. Their value added services include:
- Taping and reeling: Products delivered to work with automatic insertion equipment, either reeled or ammo boxed.
- Lead Forming: Custom lead bend to work with your needs
- Lead Trimming: Lead clipping to meet your specifications
- Sorting and Binning: Customer color and brightness sorting
- Private Labeling: Displays and modules marked with your internal part number or name
- Custom Device Configuration: Customer die selection and placement to meet your special needs
When it’s time to shop for all of your basic and not so basic light solutions, including products for your custom LED design, ultra bright LEDs, strip lights, testers, substitutions and much more, please visit, or call a light specialist at 800-949-4623.