Precautions in Use

Soldering Conditions
Maximum allowable soldering conditions are:

  • Solder dipping: 260C maximum, 5 seconds maximum, one time
  • Soldering iron: 350C maximum, 5 seconds maximum, one time

Do not make contact between the molten solder and the resin.
Do not adjust the soldered position after soldering.
Do not put any stress on the leads, particularly when heated.

Lead Forming and Cutting

  • Led forming must be done below the tie bar cutting portion.
  • Do not stress the resin case when forming a lead.
  • When lead forming requires cutting of the lead, the lead must be cut before soldering.
  • Cutting of a lead must be done at room temperature.

Do not put any stress to the lead frame during an assembly operation.
When mounting or inserting products into PCBs, the pitch between the mounting holes must match the pitch of the lead frame.